Effective May 1, 2023

 Membership Fee  No Charge 
 Telephone Center Calls (unlimited)  No Charge
 Online Banking  No Charge
 External Transfers via Online Banking  No Charge
 Real Time Alerts¹  No Charge
 Mobile Banking¹  No Charge
 Mobile¹ Deposit  No Charge
 Online eBill Pay  No Charge
 In-Branch Coin Machine Usage  No Charge
 Notary Service - Member  No Charge
 Notary Service - Non-Member (per document)  $15.00
 Account Verifications (in writing only with member’s authorization)  No Charge
 Cashier’s Check  $2.00
 Copy of Statement, including VISA® (per page)  $1.00
 Skip-A-Pay (Loan payment of $200 or more)  $25.00
 Skip-A-Pay (Loan Payment of under $200)  $15.00
 Mobile¹ Deposit  
          Deposit Adjustment  $10.00
 Notice of Escheat  $2.00
 Obsolete Address Locator Postmaster Charges
 Collection Item  Bank Charges
 Compliance with Legal Order:  
          Statements (per page)  $0.25
          Hearing Appearance (per hour plus travel)  $22.00
          Account Research (per hour)  $22.00
 Account Reconcilement (per hour)  $16.00 
 Levy Placement  $20.00 
 Auto Travel Costs  IRS Rate 
 Replace Note Collection Booklet2  $20.00 
 Non-Internet Bill Payment (per transaction)  $2.00 
 Overnight/Special Mail Request  Actual Charges 
 Account Related  
 Check Printing Orders  Printer’s Charge 
 NSF Check Paid by Overdraft Transfer from VISA® or Share3 Account  No Charge 
 Copy of Paid Check Via Online Banking  No Charge 
 Courtesy Pay of any item that takes the account below the required minimum balance4  $22.00 
 NSF Return Check, VISA® Convenience Check or ACH Item (Non-sufficient funds fee is a per presentment fee) $22.00 
 Stop Payment (Member Check, ACH, eBill Pay), per item stopped or range of checks stopped at presentment  $10.00 
 Deposited/Cashed Item Returned   $5.00 
 Copy of Paid Member Check (2 free per mo.)   $5.00 
 Copy of Paid Check from eBill Pay   $5.00 
 Copy of Credit Union Issued Check(s)   $5.00 
 eBill Pay  
          Rush (One-Day or Two Day)  Vendor's Charge
          Second-Day Electronic Delivery (Economy)  Vendor's Charge
          Donation  Vendor's Charge
          Gift Check  Vendor's Charge
 Wire Transfer (Incoming)  No Charge
 Wire Transfer (Domestic-outgoing)  $20.00
 Wire Return/Trace  Bank Charges
 Reconveyance of Real Estate Loan  $30.00
          Plus: County Recording Fees Charges Vary per County
Real Estate Subordination $250
 ATM/Debit & Credit Card, Shared Branch  
 Initial Card  No Charge
 ATM/Point-of-Sale Transaction5  No Charge
 Replacement Card   $10.00
 Rush Replacement Card Fee (2-day)  $25.00
 Rush Replacement Card Fee (1-day)  $50.00
 ATM/Shared Branch Deposit Adjustment  $5.00
 ATM/Shared Branch Deposit Return Item  $15.00
 Stop Payment on Recurring Payment  $10.00
 Foreign Transaction Fee (for ATM/Debit/Credit Card Transactions in a foreign country)  1% of transaction

Fees are kept low because F&A is a not-for-profit financial cooperative, owned and operated for the benefit of all its members.

¹Standard text messaging and data rates may apply. Check with carrier. 2Fee waived for members with a minimum of $5,000 on deposit. 3Limited to six (6) each month in any combination of pre-authorized transfers which may be made by check, draft, debit card or similar order to a third party. 4Payment by F&A Federal Credit Union is a discretionary courtesy and not a right of the member or an obligation of F&A Federal Credit Union. This privilege for consumer checking accounts is limited to a maximum of $1,022.00 negative checking balance. Courtesy Pay is available only for the payment of checks, preauthorized payments under our Bill Payment Service and ACH drafts and debits. The service is not available for ATM transactions and one-time debit card transactions or Person-2-Person and account-to-account transfers. You must bring your account balance to a positive balance within fifteen days. F&A Federal Credit Union, at its discretion, can cancel this protection and cease paying overdrafts at any time without prior notice of reason or cause. 5Bank or retail vendor surcharges may apply.