Take a month off from your loan payment with Skip-a-Pay!1

There are many reasons a monthly payment could be a financial strain like a temporary reduction in income, school or unforeseen expenses, such as car repair or medical bills. Maybe you need the extra cash to pay for holiday bills or a vacation.

Our new Skip-a-Pay program gives you the option to defer monthly payments on an eligible F&A Loan.1 The skipped payments are added to the end of the loan without affecting your credit.

You can skip two non-consecutive payments during one year and up to six payments during the term of the loan. Submit your Skip-a-Pay request through Online Banking. It’s easy to do. Just login to Online Banking and:

  1. Navigate to Statements & Support
  2. Select Secure Forms
  3. Select the Skip-A-Pay option
  4. Fill in the information and click Submit

Take advantage of Skip-a-Payment today! If you have questions, give us a call. 

1 Auto, Personal, Recreational Vehicles and Motorcycle Loans only (no credit cards or Real Estate loans at this time). One month skip per Skip-a-Pay request. Consecutive skips are not allowed. Two non-consecutive months off per calendar year, up to 6 skips per the life of the loan. Loan account must be open at least 180 days and not currently delinquent. A fee will be assessed at the time of the request. If the monthly loan payment is $200 or greater, the fee is $25 and if the payment is less than $200, the fee is $15. You must apply before the due date of the month you want to skip. Additional terms and conditions apply.