Financial Wellness Begins with Money Mindfulness. 

A recent study** shows 70% of Americans are feeling stressed about their finances. Are you looking for ways to develop a healthier relationship with money and take control of your financial future? At F&A we partner with the award-winning Enrich financial education platform to bring you personalized financial resources to help reduce stress and improve your financial well-being.

Enrich can help you understand Money Mindfulness by learning more about:
• Money Meditations
• Your Money Personality
• Money Journaling
• Financial Stress Score

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*Information you enter into the Enrich website is used by Enrich to provide you with a personalized financial wellness experience. Please read the privacy policy on the Enrich website for more information about how your information is protected. F&A Federal Credit Union tracks enrollment and learning information in order to optimize the user experience.**CNBC April 2023.